Hack your coding skills!
Telematiсs hackathon 2020
72 hours of coding
5 teams
40 developers

August 4-6, Marriott Hotel
Minsk, Belarus

Creating the developer community
At TelematiX 2019, we introduced the first Gurtam hackathon and got a positive response from the participants, mind-blowing projects, and realized that's a proven way to enhance the developer community.

This time, we are striving to reinforce the success of the previous code storming and provide an ideal learning and networking platform for you to build the telematics future in place!

Why participate?
Team working with Gurtam
Enjoy the opportunity to code side-by-side with Wialon and flespi experts, find out our tricks and methods applied, explore our expertise to use it in your processes.

Communication with the community
Meet like-minded people to share opinions, ideas, and tools, get answers to the controversial questions of the development, and generate out-of-the-box solutions.
Take advantage of the help and support of mentors and Wialon and flespi experts and contribute to your knowledge base and your network.
Get the dedicated feedback on the project or the idea you worked out from the expert jury and other participants.
How it works
Before the event, we introduce the participants to each other using a chat.
Then, we create teams based on the skills and speaking language of the participants. Each team has Gurtam employees included.
We suggest a number of real-life cases for each team decide on which they will work on, or the teams can offer their cases.
During the hackathon, the participants have discussions within the teams and their mentors.
On the last day, the teams give a brief presentation of their solutions developed. Any conference participants are welcomed to attend the pitches session.
The expert jury evaluates the projects based on the following criteria: business application, reasoning, quality of development, and others. Finally, the winning team is the one that gains the highest rate.

Hackathon host
Aleksey Shmigelski
Head of Labs Group, Gurtam
"Being inspired by the amazing results of the first hackathon, we are all looking forward to welcoming the participants for the second coding fest within the 11th Wialon partner conference.

Here at Gurtam, we are calling for the enhancement of our community, and the hackathon is a proven way to achieve this aim. More to that, it is a charge of inspiration, an impulse. It's an opportunity to break the pattern of the familiar environment and work with someone who thinks differently".

How it was in 2019
Three days of intense coding, discussions, and networking resulted in pitches and an award ceremony for the participating teams.
2019 hackathon winning projects
is the project of the winning team. It is aimed to prevent unauthorized access to cash-in-transit vehicles. The vans are equipped with a smart lock GPS device that can be opened only once the vehicle approaches the destination. This solution can be successfully used in the banking industry.
Connect Everything
is the project that refers to integration. It allows synchronizing the units created in Fleetcomplete (or Ecofleet) system with Wialon. Thus, there is no possibility of a human error.
is a comprehensive platform to arrange vehicle sharing. The platform has separate interfaces: an admin panel for aggregating the events; the frontend to register, login, book units, and the API.
Pizza Delivery Management
is a solution for registering all successful, failed, and late pizza deliveries. Then, it generates reports and manages penalties, bonuses based on these reports.
How about developing your big project?
We are looking forward to your unconventional solutions. While filling in the registration form, you can suggest your developer as a participant.